Commit a7b5455e authored by Tom Barbette's avatar Tom Barbette

Fix last commit

parent 266d542a
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......@@ -467,7 +467,7 @@ int DPDKDevice::static_initialize(ErrorHandler* errh) {
return errh->error("You must start Click with --dpdk option when compiling with --enable-dpdk-pool");
if (!alloc_pktmbufs()) {
if (alloc_pktmbufs()) {
errh->error("Could not allocate packet MBuf pools : error %d (%s)",rte_errno,rte_strerror(rte_errno));
if (rte_errno == 12) {
errh->error("Maybe try to allocate less buffers with DPDKInfo(X) or allocate more memory to DPDK by giving/increasing the -m parameter or allocate more hugepages.");
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