Commit a4604141 authored by Eddie Kohler's avatar Eddie Kohler

Rename target.

parent 55664f13
......@@ -94,8 +94,8 @@ MAN2MARKDOWN_ARGS = --xlink click.1=Userlevel --xlink click.o.8=Linuxmodule --xl
MARKDOWN_PROVISIONS = userlevel linuxmodule ns @all_element_groups@ experimental \
smpclick int64 dpdk linux netmap pcap umultithread
@if test -z "$(O)"; then echo 1>&2; echo "Run 'make markdowndir O=OUTPUTDIRECTORY'" 1>&2; echo 1>&2; false; fi
@if test -z "$(O)"; then echo 1>&2; echo "Run 'make install-man-markdown O=OUTPUTDIRECTORY'" 1>&2; echo 1>&2; false; fi
for i in click-align click-combine click-devirtualize click-fastclassifier click-flatten click-install click-mkmindriver click-pretty click-uncombine click-undead click-uninstall click-xform; do \
$(PERL) $(srcdir)/man2html --markdown -l $(MAN2MARKDOWN_ARGS) $(srcdir)/$$i.1 -d $(O) -o $(O)/$$; \
......@@ -115,4 +115,4 @@ distclean: clean
.PHONY: all clean distclean always \
install install-man uninstall uninstall-man \
doxygen markdowndir
doxygen install-man-markdown
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