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automatic ChangeLog update for

parent 03aa10ac
2001-02-13 Tuesday 23:41 Benjie Chen <>
* elements/linuxmodule/:, anydevice.hh,,
fromdevice.hh,, polldevice.hh,,
todevice.hh,, device elements now
use new polling interface; tolinux elements now set the packet type
2001-02-13 Tuesday 23:40 Benjie Chen <>
* elements/linuxmodule/:, cpuqueue.hh: new smp specific
2001-02-13 Tuesday 23:39 Benjie Chen <>
* elements/: ip/, ip/lookupiproutemp.hh,
standard/, standard/averagecounter.hh,
standard/, standard/msqueue.hh, standard/,
standard/print.hh, standard/,
standard/, standard/spinlockacquire.hh,
standard/, standard/spinlockinfo.hh,
standard/, standard/spinlockrelease.hh: small
changes merged from smp tree: added some smp specific elements;
simple smp synchronizations
2001-02-13 Tuesday 23:38 Benjie Chen <>
* include/click/: packet.hh, skbmgr.h: click skb manager interface
2001-02-13 Tuesday 23:38 Benjie Chen <>
* lib/ packet create and kill now uses click skb manager
2001-02-13 Tuesday 23:38 Benjie Chen <>
* linuxmodule/ bug fix: write handler works again,
string used to be cut short by append call on String
2001-02-13 Tuesday 23:37 Benjie Chen <>
* linuxmodule/:, skbmgr.c: skb management in click
2001-02-13 Tuesday 23:36 Benjie Chen <>
* etc/: linux-2.2.18-patch, make-linux-patch, restore-linux: new
kernel patch: the polling interface is different: skb management is
moved to click or other callers of the polling interface, instead
of in the device driver itself
2001-02-12 Monday 14:42 Eddie Kohler <>
* lib/clp.c, tools/click-align/,
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